Transfer files via QR code

Mobilink allows file transfer between both parties without the need for account registration or uploading files to a server in advance. Instead, files are transferred instantly in a peer-to-peer manner. To establish a connection between the sender and the recipient, one of the two available methods is through the QR code mode.

Firstly, generate an QR code. Either party, sender or recipient, can generate the QR code.

Generate the QR code on a mobile device:

Launch the application on the mobile device and navigate to the device page. Click the button inside the red circle on the top toolbar.


In the popped-up dialog box, you can see QR code.


Generate the invitation code on a computer device:

Launch the Mobilink application on your Windows, Linux or macOS computer. Navigate to the devices page. Click on the button inside the red circle in the bottom tool bar to generate an QR code.


Step two, scan the QR code.

If the recipient is using a computer and doesn't have the capability to scan QR codes, they need to use a mobile phone to scan the QR code generated on the computer side.

Click the button inside the red circle on the top toolbar.


Scan the other party's QR code, and upon successful scanning, you will see the following page.


In the device list, observe the color of the other party changing from gray to blue, indicating that both sides have successfully established a connection.


Now, both parties can proceed to transfer files to each other.