How to transfer files from Linux to Windows and macOS

Mobilink - transfer files from Linux to Windows and macOS

Transferring files from Linux to Windows and macOS can be done using various methods. Mobilink is one of the simplest methods to transfer files from Linux computer to  Windows computer and Mac computer.

First, install Mobilink on your Linux computer, Windows computer and Mac computer.

Afterwards, launch the Mobilink application on your Linux computer.

Import the files you want to transfer into Mobilink. Refer to this article for instructions on how to import files into Mobilink.


Next, navigate to the devices page.

Click on the button inside the red circle in the top right corner to generate an invitation code.

mobilink - Linux invate code

On your Windows computer or macOS computer, launch Mobilink, navigate to the devices page, click on the 'Input Invite Code' button in the bottom right corner, and enter the invitation code generated on your Linux computer.

Wait for the other party to come online on the current page.

After the other party comes online, return to the file management page, select the files or directories you want to transfer.

mobilink - select multi files

Click the 'Send' button at the top of the page, and then choose the receiving device to transfer the files to the other party.

mobilink - select the recipient
mobilink - sending files