Easy and Efficient Ways to Transfer Files from Android to macOS

transfer file from Android to macOS

In today's digitally connected world, seamlessly transferring files between devices is essential. If you're an Android user looking to transfer files to your macOS device, you're in luck. Mobilink makes it easy and efficient to transfer files between Android and macOS.
Whether you want to transfer photos, videos, documents, or any other type of file.
Say goodbye to the hassle of emailing yourself files or using clunky third-party apps. Whether you're new to technology or an experienced user, Mobilink is designed to make the process smooth and seamless. So let's get started and unlock the world of easy file sharing between Android and macOS.

On the macOS device:

1. Download and install Mobilink

Open the default MacOS web browser and download the Mobilink application.

2. Open the installer

Double-click the mobilink_setup.dmg file in the download directory to open the installer.

3. Run the installer

When the installer window opens, drag the mobilink icon onto the Applications icon.

install mobilink on macOS

4. Launch the app and go to the Device page.

mobilink macOS code

Similarly, on the Android device, download and install Mobilink. Launch the app and go to the Device page. Tap the QR code scanning button in the upper right corner, align with the QR code inside Mobilink on macOS, and scan it. After waiting for the other party to be online, you can start transferring files between the devices.

mobilink device info on mobilephone

If you are a cross-platform user, you may need to move files back and forth between Android and MacOS. Using Mobilink is the easiest way.